Prayer for Depression to Combat Spiritual Anxiety

Overcome Depression, Talk to God, Say a Prayer

“The proper verb for depression is sink.”
-David Leviathan, The Lover’s Dictionary

Depression can be a serious disease on the inner self. You may even experience this suddenly, and it causes intervention in your daily work. In most cases, depressed individuals would think of suicide as an escape. That’s the very reason, why psychology and spirituality treat depression as a crucial matter.

prayer for depression

This kind of disorder consumes all the hope of an individual, leaving one helpless. And often, they isolate themselves from their family and friends. What more, depression can disrupt the individual’s reason to live.

You’re breathing, but terrified. You barely sleep, and usually beg, “When will it be over?”

Though sadness and depression loom, a single prayer can lighten that heavy feeling, for God will be there. And once you realize that suffering can have a transformative power, depression becomes an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Pressure becomes a challenge, and pain a teacher.  So, when you’re feeling depressed, here are prayers for depression and anxiety.


Prayer for the Weary Soul 


Father Almighty, my soul thirsts for You

When all is dark and full of terrors

Quench me with your love and power

So that my trembling lips won’t go dry


Protect me, defend me, and guide me

Let Your presence be my guiding way

And your voice the sound of hope

When life seems filled with troubles

And faith is all I have


Heal my sick and wounded soul

So that I may begin anew

Warmly wrapped with Your hand

To start with a meaningful purpose


I trust in your everlasting benevolence

Grant me the serenity to embrace Your words

The strong heart to fight hopelessness

And the peace of mind to unburden my sorrows


In Your name, I will entrust my whole spirit



Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up. (Proverbs 12:25)


Prayer for the Anxious Self 


Almighty God, teach me how to endure

When a storm is within me

Let be the sun that rises to calm me

After the dark storm has passed


Let Your name a breath of my existence

My only purpose and my whole reason


When I tread the uneasy path

May Your words be the lamp for my feet

Give me the courage to face what has to come

And acceptance to what has already been


In times of deep troubles and weariness

Come to my aid and lay Your hands on me

Carry me and listen to my prayer

Listen to my trembling and anxious soul


When I am lost, give me the way

When I am worried, comfort me

When I am hopeless, heed my call

For when You are with me,

I am depressed but not alone

I am brave

I can stand the unbearable

And defy the impossible



There is not enough darkness in all the world

to put out the light of even one small candle.

– Robert Alden

Always remember, you are not the only one who has experienced this feeling. For many centuries, mankind has battled upon this subtle illness. Many people have fought this ugly specter; some succeeded but others failed and thought of death as a solution.

Keep your heart open to God’s embrace and everything will be fine. Say this prayer for depression and stress, then let it calm the storm within you.