Heal the Wounds: Daily Prayers for the Sick

Healing through Special Prayers for the Sick and Suffering Every
Christian Can Use


Often times, we are wounded physically and emotionally. During these moments of sickness and suffering, we sometimes blame the Lord and cast away our faith.

The wound has made our hope vanish and belief led astray. Do we still need to believe even if there’s nothing good left in us?


Sometimes, we all need tons of patience when we are in the deepest darkness of our life. As shown in the Bible on the Book of Job, even if he was tested in an extreme amount of suffering, he believed that the Lord always understands his pain. He endured several miseries for several months—his illness worsens, his seven sons and three daughters died, his wealth gone, his wife abandoned him, and even his family despised him. But Job’s unwavering faith did not change and he still believed that God is his only Redeemer.

Like Job, we can all become warriors of faith. To give you a start, here’s a list of simple prayers for healing when agonies loom and sickness appear.








We should remember that prayers can be a cure for healing our sickness and strengthening our faith. And bear in mind that God knows when you are in pain; he sees when you stumble; and he hears when you pray. But he listens in silence, and observes if you really believe in him with all your heart and soul.