simple morning prayer
Start Your Day With This Simple Morning Prayer (Video)

Nothing is more profound and blissful than starting your day with a simple prayer. Giving thanks to the Lord sets your mood right.

You Need These Simple Prayers to Guide You through the Day

“Let us be silent that we may hear the whisper of God.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson There may be plenty of struggles and unbearable suffering that you may encounter throughout the day, but despite these burdens that grapple you tight, someone always has your back. You just really need to whisper His name and call Him. Let these whispers be loud Read More

Prayer for Depression to Combat Spiritual Anxiety

Overcome Depression, Talk to God, Say a Prayer “The proper verb for depression is sink.” -David Leviathan, The Lover’s Dictionary Depression can be a serious disease on the inner self. You may even experience this suddenly, and it causes intervention in your daily work. In most cases, depressed individuals would think of suicide as an escape. That’s the very reason, Read More

Heal the Wounds: Daily Prayers for the Sick

Often times, we are wounded physically and emotionally. During these moments of sickness and suffering, we sometimes blame the Lord and cast away our faith. The wound has made our hope vanish and belief led astray. Do we still need to believe even if there’s nothing good left in us?

An Earnest Prayer for Family Unity

There’s no struggle too hard, no suffering too overwhelming, for a family that prays to one another. Through calling the Lord’s name, a prayer becomes the spiritual glue that binds the family into one, and helps instill good values in children. The relationship fortifies, the crooked path straightens, while compassion and love becomes abundant. And as you pray, you build Read More

Prayer For Strength and Courage

Given the struggles in life we are going through. We should never forget to pray to the Most High especially in situations where we are helpless. Maybe we have many problems or in emotional pain but, we should never forget to talk to Him through this simple prayer for strength and courage that we hope that someday our troubles will Read More