Privacy Policy

sBookShop(“sBookShop,” “we,” “us,” “Site”) has approved this Privacy Policy that defines how we gather, use, and share personal information: name, email address, or contact number.

Our Privacy Policy applies to “Guests,” which refer to you who simply browse or visit sBookShop. “Subscribers,” are those who subscribed and agreed to get newsletters, email alerts, or partner emails from sBookShop. By using the Site, you confirm your agreement with all the terms of this Privacy Policy.

sBookShop may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. Each alteration will take effect  after it has been posted on the Site and the date will be noted at the start of the new Privacy Policy. Your continuous use of sBookShop after posting a new Privacy Policy on the website denotes your acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy. Thus, you should assess the Privacy Policy occasionally so that you are informed of our most recent policies and guidelines. Please review this Privacy Policy with caution.


  1. Collection of Personal Information

Upon clicking on Registration Form on the Site, you will be required to fill out a form with your personal data (full name, e-mail address, and a password). After finishing the registration procedure, you will be asked to choose a “User Name.” The User Name that you have chosen will automatically appear on your profile, and will also appear on the email alerts and newsletters that you will receive from sBookShop.

  1. How We Use Your Information

For your safety, all personal information you give to us during registration is encoded using a secure file server.

Please be informed that the sBookShop Website contains links to other websites that are not operated or maintained by us. We do not have control over those websites and how your personally identifiable information will be processed on their website.

However, we may use the data you provide to fulfill requests for our publications and to respond to inquiries regarding programs or services that may interest you.  Be assured, though, that you will get a notification from sBookShop whenever we wish to use your personal information for marketing purposes. If you don’t approve of the way sBookShop uses your personal information, feel free to communicate with us.

  1. Cookies

These are small bits of information that the Site places on the hard drive of your PC. This is in order to improve your internet browsing experience through identifying your browser, storing User preferences, and saving sBookShop username for easy logon. Cookies are also used to identify one User from another and monitor advertisements Users have seen, identify applications that Users are using, and alter our site based on our Users preferences.

Third parties that are displayed on sBookShop may have cookies set by Internet advertising companies. Unfortunately, sBookShop does not control over these cookies and Users should read the privacy policy of the advertiser to see how these Internet advertising companies use cookies.

  1. Social media

sBookShop has recently updated the Website and has put up social media buttons to allow instant distribution of articles to social networking websites. Social media sites comprise, but not limited to Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. These are governed and controlled by the privacy policy of the company maintaining them. Furthermore, they will also have cookies to gather your IP address and registration details. Please check their privacy policy for more  information.

  1. Our Commitment to Safety

We have set proper administrative and technical protections to prevent unofficial access, retain data security, and properly use the personal information we gather. No system can be fully secure, though, and we do not promise that unauthorized leaks and access will not occur.

  1. Accessing, Modifying, and Removing Your Personal Information

sBookShop will find ways to store the personal information that you have given to us and save any succeeding updates. We encourage you to access, correct, and update your personal data. Please contact us if you wish us to delete personal information about you that is mistaken, incomplete, or inappropriate.

  1. Contact us

If you have concerns or inquiries regarding our privacy policy or the use of the sBookShop Site, please contact us.