How Mentally Strong Are You?

Here Are Six Things That Mentally Strong People Won’t Do

Everybody will always have those bleak days when no amount of alcohol, chocolates, or coffee can seem to fix. Life has its way of challenging your emotional intelligence or mental strength when you least expect it. It is difficult to be an emotionally strong person when life just keeps on knocking you down.

mentally strong people

However, it takes an extraordinary spunk and grit to be able to stand up, persevere, and fight in the face of adversity—and only the most mentally strong people can do.

Take Thomas Edison as an example. In 1914 when Edison’s factory burned down, pulverizing rare prototypes, Edison’s response wasn’t one that you would expect from a man who just lost $23 million from the calamity. He simply said, “Thank goodness all our mistakes were burned up. Now we can start fresh again.”

Thomas Edison didn’t dwell in his misfortune. Rather than feeling sorry for himself, he decided to learn from the disaster, take action, and move on. From then on, he has become the epitome of mental strength. People who are mentally tough are usually the ones who become CEOs, inventors, businessmen, and managers.

You too can improve your mental strength by simply changing your outlook. Let’s start with the top six things that people with strong mental health would NEVER do under any given circumstances:


  1. They don’t live in the past.

Mentally strong people—just like everybody else—suffer too when hard times start to hit. The difference is that they know where to focus their attention on, and they avoid fixating on the problems that they are currently facing. When you focus on yourself and find ways to become a better person, you are able to stick to your goals and produce a sense of personal efficacy. This thereby improves performance and creates positive emotions.

  1. They don’t get too close with negative people.

While nobody actually wants to hang around negative people, mentally tough people avoid them at all costs. It is because negative people want others to join their pity party, while slowly sucking in others into their negative emotional spiral—something that emotionally intelligent people don’t want to be part of.

  1. They don’t give up.

Mentally strong people never stop believing in themselves. They are focused on one thing and they won’t let any exhaustion, discomfort, or failure get in their way. When someone tells them, “You can never do that,” they take a challenge, not a prediction.

  1. They don’t hold on to grudges.

Grudges, hatred, and resentments are all negative feelings. These negative emotions can eventually pull one down from wherever he or she wants to go and produce a stress response in one’s body. Emotionally strong people are smart enough to let go of all these unnecessary baggage, and even go as far as forgiving those people who never said they were sorry.

  1. They don’t play the victim card.

One of the worst things that you can ever do is feeling sorry for yourself. Playing the victim card only proves that you are losing control outside yourself. Feeling sorry for yourself means giving up your power—and power is the last thing that mentally strong people would want to lose.

  1. They don’t compare themselves to others.

When a person starts comparing himself to somebody else, he is actually restricting himself from being truly happy and from finding a sense of satisfaction. Mentally strong people don’t compare their accomplishments from that of others. They take other people’s opinion with a grain of salt, and know that despite what other people think of them, there is only one person’s opinion that matters to them—theirs.