What You Need to be Doing Now: Setting Goals for a Happier You

Setting Career Goals and Accomplishing Them like You Always Wanted

Goal setting is an effective way that gives your dreams focus and visual. It eliminates insignificant matters, and builds a well-defined target to reach your goals efficiently. Although there are difficulties along the way, you feel confident because you know how to conquer these obstacles. And by creating sharp goals, we can see clearly where it can lead us.

So to master the techniques of goal-setting, follow these key methods today and begin a life-changing experience.

 setting goals

Visualize and write

Have you thought about something you always really wanted? Like writing a book or traveling around the world? These are dreams hidden in the deepest core of our heart that were once denied, or we’re afraid to show because it’s silly.

Don’t worry. Jot all of them down in your note. Then think which are the most important and can be actualized. Make a list of top ten goals you really love to achieve. Don’t keep them under your drawer; instead, pin them on your room’s door or beside your mirror. Remember if you dream it, you actually can do it. Just try.

Make it S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely)


Write a detailed goal to define exactly what it is that you really want. Be precise—create a goal with clear purpose and objective.


Show the numbers as much as possible to know the limit of your goals. Don’t be extravagant; start small and it will grow bigger.


Make sure your goals are achievable. Don’t set goals that are impossible for you to accomplish. Start with easy ones, then build-up until you can manage them.


 set goals


Keep it simple and real. Set goals within your capability and skills. Though, you can go out form your comfort zone, begin first with what you already know and can do. Then if you think you can now do it, then try.



Your goal must be at par within a time frame. If your goal doesn’t have time to follow, it will most likely vanish and get forgotten. Set a time for every goal, because time helps us reasonably. Believe it can be done.


Create short term goals within a long term goal.

It’s also preferable to make small chunks of goals towards a greater goal. You can dream big, but you have to do it smaller first until you reach it.

Long term goal: I’ll become a famous fiction writer.
long term goal

 Short term goal: I will practice fiction writing every three hours a day. Read a fiction book twice per month. And will also read about the famous fiction writers, and learn how to write fiction stories well.


Personal goal setting always begins with your choice and is accomplished with your effort. Reach your goals by doing, not wishing.