Overcoming Adversities: How to Respond to Life’s Pain and Problems

Life is like a pyramid. First, we start from the base and build ourselves up to the pinnacle of triumph. On the way to the top, bricks can fall heavily at us when we’re not careful to cement ourselves in place. Other times, bricks just fall for no reason. Yet, as human beings who go through different brick phases, we must continue to confront all types of adversities and overcome hardship.


overcoming adversities


Overcoming adversities, and overcoming them with bravery, is a sure way of building a formidable and timeless wall that is our life’s achievement. Conquering difficulties is not that easy, but here are a couple of ways to help you get through and recover with a heartfelt smile on your face.

Getting back on track

Psychiatrist and trauma specialist Sudhir Gadh, M.D. states, “When we’re hurt—emotionally or physically—we naturally want to find a corner to hide in and despair over how or why something awful has happened to us.”

Is the situation familiar? Perhaps dealing with misfortune in the past impeded the entry of hope in your life. Perhaps next time you meet a new drawback, don’t allow yourself to sulk in a corner and dwell on the despair. Instead, find an ear to listen to your problems and comfort you in through the heartache and disappointment. Doing so fills in the gap that despair dug. Each person needs to reestablish an assurance within them, and social comfort is the first step to getting back on track. Eye contact, open talk, a hug, pat, or kiss can nurture a wounded heart.




Looking to optimism

“It’s not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life; it is how you handle what happens to you.” – Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar was a famous author, salesman, and motivational speaker, and his secret ingredient to success was to always see himself as a winner, constantly wearing a positive outlook. He believed that despite the failures life can throw at us, having faith then brewing this faith with action can get one to move up and to the top.

Research reveals that recalling happy times and hoping for colorful outcomes stunts negativity, aiding to overcoming trials in life. Defeating adversities in life is certain when we surround ourselves with positive certainties. This means participating in delightful and mood-boosting activities with the special people in our lives. Being kind to oneself and meditating are also other coping techniques. Find a way to dip into the positivity puddle instead of being consumed in a problem. Gradually, you’ll feel the affirmation support you back up.


Facing the feelings

Stopping to breathe the air, in this case, bad atmosphere is another method of surpassing times of misery. By being aware of the sadness, guilt, shame, hopelessness, and other ill feelings you feel, you may confront them rather than bottling the negativities up.

Trapping bad feelings can lead to quiet build up. Only realizing them, and more importantly, sharing them, improves its state, leading to an incline than slowing to a decline. Talking to another person, be it a mentor or a shrink is a comforting way to overcoming adversities. By facing your feelings, and allowing another to mend with you in the process, you can slowly transform the gloomy thoughts.



Begin again

Zig Ziglar stated, “You don’t climb a mountain by jumping straight to the top. You climb a mountain one effort-filled step at a time.”

After the repetitive cycle that woe, worry, and fear overwhelms on you, there’s a time you want to finally pick yourself back up and firmly say, “I will conquer this.” Challenge yourself. Slowly do one thing you were afraid of doing before, and keep climbing.

If you failed a job interview, apply for another one. If a loved one in your life has left you, open your heart again to new people. If you feel you’re less talented than the next artist, work on your own niche. Acting eliminates the clog of difficulty. Look to people who have overcome adversity. Maybe you ought to follow their mantra, work on yourself, and make the habit of rebuilding yourself consistently, day after day.

Overcoming adversities is a sign that you’re one brick closer to reaching the tip of your own pyramid—your life’s work. Battle the falling bricks, and be fearless with adversity and the peak of triumph will follow. Remember that the greatest downfall can direct you the greatest success you never believed you could own.