Uplifting Stories that Prove Contagious Optimism

5 Motivational Stories of People with True Courage

Life, with all the trials and tribulations, can weigh us down at times. But as they say, we should face life’s difficulties with an affirmation in the end, that we are only bent, not broken. The following is a collection of positive stories that will surely help you get back to life after a tremendous downfall.


A Life without Limbs

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs. Nick dealt with loneliness and depression, and questioned why he was different from his peers. Bigger than the usual challenges of school was his seeking for a rather elusive purpose in life.


Nick shares that overcoming his struggles and living with strength and passion today can be largely attributed to his faith in God. He reveals that he was inspired by his family, friends, and the many people he has met along the journey to live on in spite of his circumstance.

An evangelist and motivational speaker, Nick has travelled around the world since his first speaking engagement when he was only 19. He has shared his motivational story to millions, speaking in front of various groups of people, such as students, young people, teachers, business professionals, and church congregations. He has already spoken to more than fifty-seven countries in over 3,000 times with a key message that no matter your circumstance, you can overcome.


Freed From the Shackles at Last

Shaker Aamer is a Guantanamo survivor who endured fourteen years in prison without charges, and was subjected to torture, solitary confinement, and hunger strikes. He was released to the UK on October 30, 2015, and shared an uplifting story for those who are victimized by Islamophobia and hate crimes versus Muslims.


Shaker caught international attention because of his deplorable situation. In 2005, he led a hunger strike calling for adherence to the Geneva conventions and better treatment in the prison. His participation in many other hunger strikes resulted to his losing more than half his weight.

He was supposed to be released from Guantanamo Bay in 2007, but was delayed due to alleged bureaucratic negotiations in that long span of time. He had only met his youngest son, who was born in February 14, 2002, the day after he arrived in Guantanamo, after his release in October.


Surviving a Life-Threatening Disease

Here’s a moving story of Rachael Yahne, who was diagnosed with cancer at age 17. Instead of falling into the brink of depression and self-pity, she has managed to live a life of acceptance.


According to Rachael, “you need to stop and just breathe deeply.” By focusing on your breath, you get to control your fears, worries, and apprehensions from swallowing you. Then, take a look at what is happening around you. Ask yourself what is the tangible thing that is within your control. It’s not about the fears and worries of what the future holds, but the truth of the moment. Lastly, listen to what your heart has to say. Believe in the wisdom of life and have trust that the answers will lead to achieving your life’s purpose. Check out Rachael’s story here.


From Obesity to Kickboxing

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Another inspiring story is that of Emiliano Rivera, popularly known as “Noodles,” who migrated from the United States to Australia upon the encouragement of his mother.  His concerned mother had done this for fear that Noodles’ addiction to drugs in the form of Cannabis might become too difficult for them to handle.

From living an unhealthy and lazy lifestyle in America, Noodles has decided to change his life for the better. Last February, Noodles became a worldwide internet sensation when he received a punch from UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt. He has since been training martial arts and had won his first fight by knockout.


Overcoming Deep Loneliness

Tim Peake, a British astronaut, reached out to a 5-year old girl who is suffering from acute lymphocyte leukemia through a special video call. Madison Webb received the call from Tim when she was confined in isolation for five weeks at the Great Ormond Street Hospital. They shared heartening stories about living on a restricted diet, and being separated from family and friends. Tim opened up stories of isolation when he was in space. He also spoke to thirty other patients during his call. Maddison’s mother wishes that Tim’s call will make improvements on her appetite.