Experience a Happy Life Today, Tomorrow, Every Day

Your Lifetime Recipe for a Healthy, Happy Life

“Are you happy?” This is the question that others would answer with doubt and fakery. It’s a single question that leaves us in wonder if life is unfulfilled without happiness. As they said, the pursuit of happiness is the central purpose of human life. We all want to be happy in everything we do; we eat healthy foods to be happy; we buy things to be happy; and we marry the person we love to be happy. Perhaps happiness is a desired end everyone wants to achieve yet failed to do so because sometimes, or most of the time, happiness vanishes into thin air.

With that in mind, how can we attain true happiness every day? Just like preparing for a meal, you need the right ingredients and procedures to cook a delectable dish, or in this case, a happy life. Keep reading and we will share a lifetime recipe for you to have a happy lifestyle and meaningful life.



The key to happiness is always in your own hands—not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow, but today. Happiness is right now, where you breathe, greet the sun, and live in the moment with peace of mind and heart. Sure, there are ways to be happy, but all of this boils down to you. Sometimes, you have to stop chasing the idea of happiness, like a cat chasing its own tail, for the poor cat thought he’ll be happy if he catches its tail. But with dismay, its tail always escapes from his grip. So stop chasing your own tail. Finding happiness is finding your own satisfaction, and contentment is the start of a happy living.


As one of Bob Marley’s songs proclaims, “Don’t worry be happy” that even though life hits you hard, “don’t worry because when you worry, you make it double.” And that in itself is a song to make you smile rather than frown. Be optimistic toward the future because optimism is the habit of happy and successful people. Appreciate the little things and discard negative energies.



Sometimes, letting go of other’s fault opens a door for true happiness. Forgiveness is an act of unloading heavy resentments and burdens that may delay our way to happy living. It doesn’t mean we forget, but we learn from the mistakes they’ve done.


It’s beyond joy when there are friends who accept us as we are. Enjoy their company and create memories that someday may make you laugh remembering them. Good friends are those who support your dreams and ally with you when misery looms. Laugh and talk with them, and this will boost up your happiness in life.


Kindness begets kindness until it begets a healthy, happy lifestyle. Spread kindness and others will also imitate you. Show compassion even to small things, because small things can roll in and create a big change. Share happiness and bliss will surely follow.

Balance Health and Work

We work hard for money, but remember money can’t buy happiness and can only give temporal pleasures. Sleep well and nourish your body with proper nutrients. You can’t be happy if you’re extremely weary and depressed. Self-control or moderation to health and work leads us to true happiness.

After a long and weary day, ask yourself, “Am I happy?” Even though life slaps you real hard, drags you down, and rains pain on you. Stay calm, smile, and say, “At least, life did not forget me.”