Inspiring Stories from Famous People Who’ve Gone through the Best and the Worst in Life

Tough times make or break a person. And it’s up to us which road to choose. The following inspirational stories from famous names proved that despite the everyday failures, there is that light at the end of the tunnel, patiently waiting.

How to Be a Better Human Being

Dying from falling from a high cliff, obesity from overeating, fatigue from not sleeping for more than seven hours a day—these are natural laws because they are based on facts, though we only follow these rules when we realize its value to our mortality.

Turning Procrastination into Motivation: Less Laziness to More Productivity

Procrastination has become a treasured habit, especially in today’s generation. In just a single click, you can have all the fun and distractions. The modern life has, unfortunately, turned you into a natural sloth, rather than a hard-working mammal you can be. So what do you need to do?

Wake Up and Fight: Inspirational Thoughts You Probably Need Now

Life can be a mess sometimes—your past failures keep weighing you down, you wake up to a job you loathe, you get frustrated with the load of fear in your mind. You face challenges again and again.

Experience a Happy Life Today, Tomorrow, Every Day

“Are you happy?” This is the question that others would answer with doubt and fakery. It’s a single question that leaves us in wonder if life is unfulfilled without happiness. As they said, the pursuit of happiness is the central purpose of human life. We all want to be happy in everything we do; we eat healthy foods to be happy; we buy things to be happy; and we marry the person we love to be happy. Perhaps happiness is a desired end everyone wants to achieve yet failed to do so because sometimes, or most of the time, happiness vanishes into thin air.

Positive Thinking to New Life-Changing Experience

You expect to be late for work today, you think you will get low grades on your quiz, you feel depressed for no reason—it seems that people are consumed in the abyss of anxiety, and their minds no longer welcome happy thoughts.

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Uplifting Stories that Prove Contagious Optimism

Life, with all the trials and tribulations, can weigh us down at times. But as they say, we should face life’s difficulties with an affirmation in the end, that we are only bent, not broken. The following is a collection of positive stories that will surely help you get back to life after a tremendous downfall.

Overcoming Adversities: How to Respond to Life’s Pain and Problems

Life is like a pyramid. First, we start from the base and build ourselves up to the pinnacle of triumph. On the way to the top, bricks can fall heavily at us when we’re not careful to cement ourselves in place. Other times, bricks just fall for no reason. Yet, as human beings who go through different brick phases, we must continue to confront all types of adversities and overcome hardship.

Discovering Secrets to Accomplish Your Goals

Thirties. That’s when you begin contemplating about the direction of your life. You may have thought about it in your early twenties, but you may also have forgotten it since the new income-generating routines have occupied your thoughts, focus, and time.