How to Win Friends and Influence People the Dale Carnegie Way

5 Very Important Takeaway Points You Can Apply in the Workplace

Dale Carnegie is still one of the most influential authors in the world of business and self-help.

What is in Dale Carnegie’s book that inspires and motivates people?

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In his book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Carnegie helps readers understand the importance of our relationship with others and how developing it can help us.

Here are some points you can apply right away:

#1. Smile despite the stress.

Don’t let others catch you frowning, no matter how stressful the day is. That gentle beam on your face can already brighten someone’s day.

#2. Praise little accomplishments.

There’s really no substitute for that sense of pride that people feel whenever they’re praised for what they do—even how little their accomplishments are. So if you see someone doing well in their field, take the time to show gratitude!

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#3. Express good criticism.

If someone doesn’t meet expectations, then there’s no need for unwarranted criticism. Remember that feedback is also important, and it helps improve productivity and performance.

#4. Show and feel empathy.

No matter where your place is in a certain environment, empathy always goes a long way. You’d best not just feel it, but show it as well, so others will know that you understand their needs completely—and they will learn to appreciate your effort and respect you more.

#5. Acknowledge your mistakes.

Mistakes are a way for us to learn to be better. You ought to be humble enough to admit them. As the old cliché goes, nobody’s perfect.

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Add more to this list. Pick up How to Win Friends and Influence People today!